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Being a training establishment rather than a membership/ regulatory body, we are restricted in the amount of information we are able to provide about our graduates.  You may find additional LCH practitioners' details listed on the member pages of the hypnotherapy regulatory bodies – (National Hypnotherapy Society, Hypnotherapy Association, General Hypnotherapy Register) – you will find a link to these organisations on the Accreditation page of our website.

Therapists who have attained the higher grade qualification show the designation ‘D.Hyp’.

Those who maintain standards of excellence and are thus licensed as Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapists are denoted accordingly below by the inclusion of the Lesserian trademark by their name.


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You accept that the information published here is purely a listing of some of those who have trained with the Hypnotherapy Training College and have earned either a Certificate or Diploma qualification in Curative Hypnotherapy. This is published for information to the public and does not in any way constitute a reference, validation or endorsement of the therapist, their practice or the therapy they offer. You are advised to exercise due diligence and common sense in choosing a hypnotherapist or service.
You accept that the Hypnotherapy Training College does not accept any liability for the accuracy of this information. It is the responsibility of the individual therapist to ensure that the details provided here are accurate and up to date.
Each therapist should be a member of a reputable and recognised professional organisation and therefore subject to the organisation’s codes of conduct and ethics, disciplinary and complaints procedures. You accept that it is your responsbility to verify that their membership is current before accepting hypnotherapy treatment or advice.
Contact details of the recognised organisations are provided on the Accreditations page.
You accept that the Hypnotherapy Training College bears no liability or responsibility for advice or hypnotherapy given by any therapist.
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